Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Developer: Spark Unlimited
Publisher: Gamecock
Release Date: Nov. 4, 2008
Systems: PS3 (reviewed), Xbox 360, PC
ESRB Rating: M
Official Web site

In a nutshell: Well, what do you know ... we reached the end of the world and the only monster here is me -- lovable, furry old magma monster....

0:00 My exposure to this game has mostly had to do with making fun of its ridiculous original name, Legendary: The Box. Still, that was enough to get the game on my radar, so maybe it wasn't such an awful name after all...

0:01 "Installing required game data. Please do not turn off the PlayStation 3 system." In the time it took me to type that, it's already up to 13 percent, so maybe this won't be so bad...

0:03 We're up to 33 percent, but I'm not focusing on that. I'm taking stock in all the beauty in the world around me. The gentle tweeting of the first spring birds. The light through the window as it gently falls on the dust in the air. Ah ... so tranquil...

0:06 53 percent now. It actually seems to be slowing down. But I'm not focusing on that ... I'm sitting in a yoga pose, meditating on the transcendence of life and the oneness of all existence. Ommmm. Ommmm.

0:09 86 percent now. I'm calm ... I'm peaceful, I ... JUST WANT TO PLAY THIS FREAKING GAME ALREADY ARGH WHY WON'T YOU INSTALL FASTER GO GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!

0:11 I wake up amidst a pile of broken living room furniture to find the install is done. Well, that was relatively painless, wasn't it?

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