Thursday, March 5, 2009


Developer: Zaratustra Productions
Publisher: Zaratustra Productions
Release Date: November 2008
System: PC
ESRB Rating: N/A
Official Web site

In a nutshell: Oh, what a cute ga--OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL?!

0:00 I first got turned on to this game by a Dinosaur Comics blog post which called it "really good!" and "entirely charming!" On the official Web page, I saw the author of VG Cats thought it was "deceptively awesome." So the authors of TWO Web comics that I read liked it? That's enough for me!

0:01 During the 8 MB download, I read the instructions for the game from the official Web site: "Left and Right - Walk. Z - Jump. X - Everse (in certain areas) ... Discover the rest as the game progresses." Intriguing! But what does "Everse" mean?

0:02 The intro mentions that the game is "not indicated for children or those of nervous disposition." Did I download prescription drugs by accident?

0:03 So I'm a little, puffy, orange guy with green shoes, tottering around a 2-D Mario-style world. I have a nice, springy jump with which to dispatch smiling circular enemies. There are blocks to bash from below and blue gems to collect, too. I absolutely adore the retro music, which sounds like it was designed for the original Game Boy.

0:05 Just like that, I've already cleared the incredibly short first level. I missed four of 22 available gems on the way, apparently. I could see them, but they were out of reach. So far the "Everse" button seems to do nothing. Hmmm...

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