Wednesday, May 28, 2008

R-Type Final

Developer: Irem
Publisher: Eidos
Release Date: Feb. 2, 2004
System: PS2
ESRB Rating: E
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In a nutshell: Side-Scrolling Space Shooter: The Final Frontier
0:00 I just got done reviewing the putrid spin-off R-Type Command for CG, so I'm finally unwrapping this one to remind myself why I liked the series in the first place. The last one I played seriously was Super R-Type on the SNES.

0:01 A bright sunny sky with the sounds of lapping waves. Jump to a fighter coming dangerously close to crushing some citizenry as it makes a hairpin turn right above a city street. Diagram shots of other fighters are intercut with video of a virus multiplying. The various fighters all charge up a shot together and take out an advancing wave of Bydo forces. Back to the beach. The back of a fighter is sticking up from the water. The title appears as the beach scene turns to twilight.

0:04 I go into the tutorial to learn how the series has advanced since the early '90s. Apparently now I can change speeds, and I won't die if my fighter touches the ground. There are also two levels of missiles now. Otherwise it's the same shoot-everything-that-moves gameplay that I used to love.

0:10 Another new feature -- absorbing shots with my protective orange "force" can charge up a screen-clearing shot. I can unlock a bunch of different ships, eventually.

0:12 "Start Game!" I can choose from three ships, and customize the missiles and color! I go with the basic "R-9A" model, but I fabulize it in purple with a purple trim.

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