Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jenga: World Tour

Developer: Atomic Planet Entertainment
Publisher: Atari
Release Date: Dec. 7, 2007
System: Wii
ESRB Rating: E
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In a nutshell: Jenga without the need to clean up those pesky blocks. Or, y'know, have fun.

0:00 I've heard pretty bad things about this one, but I just had to see for myself how Atari could mess up a concept as great as moving Jenga blocks with the Wii remote.

0:01 "Jenga: Edge-of-your-seat fun! There is only one Jenga!" brags the introductory animation. The game tells me I need to plug in a Nunchuk. Really? Somehow the real version got by with one-handed controls.

0:02 The word "Jenga" bounces hypnotically on a title screen with undulating colored blocks at the edges and a scrolling, blue, Jenga-filled background. A weird techno-synth-pop background plays. Whoa! Trippy!

0:03 On to the tutorial. "Study this carefully and you should have everything you need to become a great Jenga player!" Should? What if I don't? What then? WHAT THEN?!

0:04 For those who don't know, Jenga involves taking blocks from the middle of a wooden tower and placing them on the top without toppling them over. Also, you should really get out of the house more.

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