Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lunch for Lunch: Turkey and Swiss Sandwich

Developer: Kyle Orland
Publisher: Giant Eagle Supermarkets
Release Date: Apr. 1, 2009
System: Toaster Oven, Refrigerator
ESRB Rating: N/A

In a nutshell: Thin mints make everything better ... even burnt challah.

0:00 I know I usually only review lunches I haven't eaten before on this column, but I'm making an exception today because I pretty much eat the same boring lunch every damn day.

0:01 I get up and get my bread out of the refrigerator ... a nice loaf of challah. Usually I prefer a simple, cheap honey whole wheat, but my wife felt like buying challah last week, apparently. If it's in the fridge, I'll eat it; that's my motto.

0:02 This minute spent slicing some nice, thick challah slices.

0:04 Two slices of turkey and one slice of Swiss, as is standard for these things. On to the bread and into the toaster oven, la dee da.

0:05 There were only three slices of turkey left in the package, with a single slice left lonely in the bag. This cannot stand. Into my mouth it goes. Om nom nom.



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