Monday, July 23, 2007

Metapost: Games for Lunch en Francaise

The Games for Lunch concept continues to sweep the globe. Belgium's own Stephane Josephy has just started "Apres une heure de jeu" ("After one hour of play") which, appropriately enough, reviews games after just an hour of play. Apparently his snooty French attitude is too good for a pedestrian game like Surf's Up, but besides that I can't find anything wrong with the site.

So now we have French and Spanish ... what language will the GFL juggernaut roll over next? German? Swahili? Esperanto? Stay tuned ...


Jamez said...

Quick, find a way to trademark this before this gets out of hand. Then you'll make millions...for an idea!

Nounet said...

Thanks for the link!

Keep up the good work,


Filha da Ilha said...

lol please note that people from belgium don´t have french attitude :p

just kidding, by the way!

nice blog you have here, too bad i don't have games besides the ones for the first nintendo: "teenage mutant ninja turtles", "f1" and "top gun"... wonder if you have a review about any of these... :D

Thimmy Bågfelt said...

Nice blog! Keep posting!

/Thimmy Bågfelt

PacoDG said...

Congrats man, you know you are doing good if someone is ripping you off. I was going to do a similar thing with XBLA games exclusively... however, on top of just ripping you off, I also don't have the cash to buy every game that comes out (buuut.. I might still do it with the XBLA demos for a half hour or some crap, either way, id completely be ripping you cause this is a good, basic, idea)

(More props )