Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Developer: Taito
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: Feb. 15, 2007
System: PSP
ESRB Rating: E
Official Web site

In a nutshell: Er, exit.

0:01 Any intro that includes a picture of a cat thinking "I am hungry" amid scenes of life saving daring-do is all right by me!
0:02 My character is an "escapeologist?" That's not a word...
0:04 For an escape expert, he sure walks slowly and deliberately.
0:05 You're telling me how to climb a ladder? Shut up for chrissakes I know how to climb a ladder, Jesus, ow my ear!
0:06 Ah, the R button makes you run. Looks much better and feels more natural.
0:07 I fall and hurt my leg while trying to climb down a rope. The writhing in pain animation is a nice touch.
0:10 So now I can run, but climbing ladders and stairs is still painfully slow. I guess this is a nod to realism? Would it kill them to put a fast forward button?
0:11 So I have to push square to pick up key, square again to use key, the circle to open the door. All this could be automatic.
0:13 Nice variety of hazards/objects so far. Fire, elevator, switches, iron bars, ladders, ropes. Lots of options for good puzzling.
0:15 The game specifically points out that men and women have the same abilities. Very egalitarian.
0:17 I have to stand in just the right place to use ladder. These controls are becoming a major annoyance.
0:18 When you tell your companion to stop, they give out a plaintive “Why?” Cute touch.
0:21 This is getting complicated. I have to instruct a young guy to help an adult over a box. Lots of stuff to remember!
0:27 If this chef says he's hungry one more time...
0:28 The voice acting is simple, direct, and mercifully short. “Take it,” “Gotcha...” “I can't!” Adds to the play flow nicely.
0:31 More positioning problems... this kid won't get in the right place for me to help him. Take another step, damnit!
0:39 What should be a simple puzzle is marred by bad controls. I should be able to push this stretcher onto the switch, but I keep going too far.
0:48 I'm an idiot. The elevator goes up an extra floor, meaning I don't need to use the stretcher to hit the switch. My bad.
0:50 “Got to save those people from a roasting before my cappuccino gets cold.” Now there's a guy who knows his priorities.
0:52 It takes a second to jump after you hit the jump button, a la Prince of Persia. Very annoying. Message to developers ... when I hit the jump button, I want to jump NOW.
0:56 I jump to a much later level just for kicks. I have no idea what I'm doing. Maybe by the time I finish all the other levels I'd be good enough.

Would I play this game for more than an hour? Maybe.
Why? The puzzles show promise, but the controls and pacing are infuriating.


PlusDrew said...

Kyle, love this blog. Keep up the good work. Exit was the last game I bought on my PSP before I sold the infernal machine to get a DS Lite. I really liked the ideas behind Exit, especially the visual style, but you're dead on about the controls. Absolutely frustrating.

PsyGuy said...

OMG...i love playing exit... i fell in love with the demo... but i agree...the controls did have a bit of a learning curve...[eh, more like a mountain...]

Anonymous said...

Dude, are you aware that you just became a Blogger "blog of note"?

The Transparent Hypnotist said...

Hi Kyle,

This is great. Your running commentary is pretty wonderful.

Can't wait for you to review PSP's Crush.


CalebPhotographer said...

I really don't see what you two mean by the controls.. I tried out this game, and I thought it was grand. Although now my PSP's joystick is broken, so I can't play games on it anymore... ¬_¬