Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Developers: Crystal Dynamics, Buzz Monkey Software
Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Release Date: June 5, 2007
Systems: PC (reviewed), PS2, PSP

In a nutshell:
Has it really been ten years since we first jumped around and shot at things in caverns?

0:01 Lara looks less... pointy than she did ten years back. Less robotic too.
0:03 "How quickly can you get to Peru" Rather quickly I'd guess. The writing is pretty good, but the female characters are distractingly stacked and anorexic.
0:04 I'm using an Xbox 360 controller, so why does the game tell me the controls for the keyboard?
0:07 The guide says six different things in Spanish before repeating. Impressive.
0:09 Lara just shot a bunch of wolves in a cut scene. Isn't that something I could have done?
0:10 Here's some shooting, but it's bats? Where's the wolves?
0:12 Is it wrong of me to notice that Lara sounds a lot like Link from Ocarina of Time when she jumps? I think it is.
0:14 There's the wolves. Ouch! Die, damn wolves.
0:17 Less than twenty minutes in and I'm already stuck when a bridge collapses out from under me. Great.
0:18 Hitting the roll button after a jump makes Lara do a Supergirl-style leap. Sweet!
0:21 Two minutes of wandering later I figure out you can climb the collapsed bridge. I'm a freakin' idiot.
0:22 BROWN BEAR! A good reason not to fall from the rope.
0:23 Breaking your neck. Another good reason not to fall from the rope
0:24 A large Medipack... a good reason NOT to fall from the rope.
0:25 I love how lonely everything feels. It's like I'm really raiding a tomb! I imagine.
0:27 "Open Lara's Journal to hear her thoughts on this situation." OK *open* "There must be a way to open this door." GEE THANKS LARA THAT WAS SO HELPFUL!
0:29 Supergirl jumps are the only way to travel. Every game should have them.
0:31 I open a door and the "Mountain Caves" end abruptly.
0:32 BROWN BEAR AGAIN. Lucky I'm in the Matrix and can activate Bullet Ti-- Er, I mean the "Adrenaline Dodge"
0:34 When I shoot a wolf it runs directly into a wall. Now that's a smart wolf.
0:36 While fighting a Brown Bear I get stuck in a pool and can't figure out how to get out. I drown twice trying to figure out how to get out. Great.
0:42 I finally figure out how to get out of the pool, by going through an underwater tunnel. Again, I'm a freaking idiot.
0:43 Lara's clothes stick to her when she gets wet. If I believed in hell, I'd think I was going there for noticing this.
0:44 Shotgun ammo... you know what that means!
0:45 Standing not one foot from the keyhole, I select the key from my inventory. Lara gives a curt "No!" in response. I keep hitting the button, making a little beatbox rap out of it. "N-n--nnn-n-nuh-no!"
0:47 The music flourish for the wolf battles sounds just like the main theme from Metal Gear Solid.
0:48 I can't imagine playing this with a keyboard would be much fun at all.
0:51 Two quick deaths from errant steps. *Sign*
0:58 Level two ends just as abruptly as level one, except this time there's a pretty waterfall in the background.

Would I play this game for more than an hour: Yes
Why?: Gotta find that inevitable shotgun. Also: Supergirl jumps!

This review is based on the full game downloaded from GameTap


jvm said...

Ugh. I thought TRA came out today for PS2. It's tomorrow. After I play a bit, I'll come back and read what you wrote.

cgk said...

hahaha, the beatbox bit made me laugh so much;
maybe because i do it too sometimes ;)
i play it on the PC and it is indeed enjoyable! ;)
TRA is a good game
although on the PC you have to set the camera yourself with the mouse all the time and it gets on my knackers!
but you can get used to it and over all TRA is amazing :)
love it