Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Developer: Team Ninja
Release Date:
July 3, 2007
System: PS3
Official Web page

In a nutshell:
"My friend Mark said that he saw a ninja totally uppercut some kid just because the kid opened a window" the game.

0:01 "In the mountains of autumn, there is one who walks the path of the Ninja." Concise, to the point, and utterly unnecessary.
0:02 Holy crap! Just running around and hitting the jump button unleashes an amazing acrobatic fury. The animation is amazing.
0:04 Do we really need the bad voice acting for the instruction scroll? Also, what the hell is an "elixir of spiritual life" supposed to be? Will I find an elixir of secular life later?
0:06 The excessive splattering blood seems unnecessary in a game that's so focused on stylized violence rather than realism. I guess GTA has raised the bar for everyone.
0:08 While jamming on the square button to battle a group of foes, I accidentally open a nearby chest. The animation is so incongruous I bust out laughing.
0:10 The camera could use a little work in the close quarters. Still, what it shows is beautiful and fluid.
0:11 Why is there a short loading pause every time I collect an item. Annoying!
0:12 I just did some sort of spinning death move and I have NO IDEA HOW.
0:15 I love the ability to use items by tapping the d-pad. The interface is intuitive and quick.
0:16 A camera should never lose view of your character, but this one does it regularly.
0:19 Falling into the same Underground storehouse three times = not fun. How many of these Ninjas are there.
0:20 Charging up your charge attack gets you an "Ultimate Technique." My nutshell description wasn't so far off, I guess.
0:23 I have trouble envisioning the situation where enemies leave you alone for the five seconds needs to charge to Ultimate Technique.
0:25 Five trips to the underground storehouse now, still looking for the key I need to advance. This is no longer remotely funny.
0:27 Six.
0:31 Seven. Where the hell's that key?
0:33 I finally get the bright idea to go back to the odd looking samurai statue I saw before. I know, I'm a genius. Still, what's the point of this "puzzle"? Couldn't they have just given me a key and not forced me to backtrack/get stuck? Where's the fun in this?
0:35 "I see you have made it this far." Gripping dialogue from the boss
0:36 I just lit myself on fire. Whoa.
0:37 I die to the boss, and choosing "continue" sends me back to the beginning of the level. Um, why is it called "continue" then?
0:40 I take back my statement about the charge attack. If you stun the enemies first it's very effective, and fun!
0:44 More slashing and killing things, but faster than before.
0:47 I suppose I shouldn't be able to run past the more difficult white ninjas without a scratch, but that's what I do on the way to the boss room. If they lock me up I'll fight. If not, why bother?
0:50 Nothing ruins a good boss battle more than a cut scene where you stop to talk with the guy. Come on, we want violence!
0:53 The voice acting is pretty convincing here. I can sense that this boss guy is hiding something.
0:54 The game ranks me as a Lesser Ninja. It's more than I deserve.
0:56 Time to try a special mission as Rachel
0:57 Rachel's nice to look at, but she's no ninja. She moves like an ox compared to Ryu.
0:59 I'm getting the hang of Rachel now, but I still think she's an ox
Would I play this game for more than an hour: Probably.
Why? The balletic action is smooth and enjoyable, but the camera threatens to ruin everything.

This review is based on an early, downloadable demo from the Playstation Network.


FUNNYMAN said...

What is odd about this game is that the graphics look identical to the original Xbox version. I would have expected more from the PlayStation 3.

St├ęphane said...

Mmmh... I assume you don't have a HD screen. Graphics are gorgeous and well above the XBOX original title.

From the demo, though, both games seem identical in content, and that's way more annoying...