Tuesday, April 6, 2010

We Cheer 2

Developer: Namco Bandai

Publisher: Namco Bandai
Release Date: Nov. 3, 2009
System: Wii
ESRB Rating: E

In a nutshell: "Just try to have fun with it!"

0:00 This game's been sitting on my "crap-looking games publishers send to me for some reason" pile for way too long now. My wife encouraged me to try it out today, but challenged me to do so in a way that included "no misogynistic comments of any kind." Ooh, I love a challenge.

0:01 I load up the preview screen and hear "We Cheer 2" intoned by some perky-sounding female cheerleaders who I'm sure are thoughtful, independent people with myriad interests outside of cheerleading, such as math and science.

0:02 A thought just occurred to me: I didn't play the first We Cheer. Will I be able to follow the complex storyline in this game without that experience?

0:04 The file select screen lists the time played as "000h00m00s." This implies that they they assume someone will play this game for at least 100 hours. Possibly up to 999 hours. Hey, it could happen...

0:05 Wailing metal guitar plays behind the name entry screen. The on-screen keyboard is presented with no instructions of any kind -- not even "Enter your name" or something. I give my character a nice empowering name: "Womyn."


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