Thursday, May 13, 2010

Samorost 2

Developer: Jakub Dvorský
Publisher: Amanita Design
Release Date: December 2005
System: PC
ESRB Rating: N/A
Official Web site

In a nutshell: Click click click click oh that's weird click click click

0:00 I remember clicking my way through the beautifully surreal experience of the original Samorost while procrastinating back in college. I didn't know about the sequel until it showed up as a free bonus as part of the Humble Indie Bundle I recently purchased (Only two days left people. Pay what you want!).

0:01 The title, written in a branching script across a starry field, creaks and moves ominously as I hover the mouse pointer over top of it. When I click it, we get a wide shot of that same craggy planetoid from the first game. A lunar-lander-style metal UFO lands and two blue aliens with exceedingly round heads walk out. A dog barks at them then retreats into his doghouse. One of the aliens holds a bag as they both look about warily

0:02 I click the doghouse and the dog comes barking out. The aliens grab himm hurl him in the sack and take him up to their ship. A man in long white feety pajamas shouts from the window. "HEY! HEY!" and flies off after the aliens in a rocket made from a faded tin can (labeled Polkonerska, for some reason).

0:03 On another craggy planet now, the alien ship bonks a robot who opens a hatch to an underground area. Our white-pajamaed protagonist lands and gets out of his tin can only to be snatched up by an animated tree branch. Er...

0:05 Clicking the tops of the trees causes dandelion seeds to blow in the wind. Clicking a green bug lets me pick him up, but I can't find anywhere else to place him down. Hmmm...


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