Thursday, June 19, 2008


Developer: EA Tiburon
Publisher: EA Sports
Release Date: June 10, 2008
Systems: Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3
ESRB Rating: E
Official Web site

In a nutshell: "Turn left!" the videogame.

0:00 I've never played a NASCAR game or even watched an entire NASCAR race, so I'm the perfect person to be writing this review!

0:01 A short intro video features a lone driver speeding around a very short track against a stark black background. "Gentlemen, start your engines," echoes a far off voice. Trippy.

0:02 "Hey, I'm Jeff Gordon driving the #24 DuPont Chevrolet." Hi, Jeff! Nice to meet you! He's going to be my mentor. He tells me that EA Sports is very excited about me and that I have "a lot of hype to live up to." Really? I mean I know they sent me a review copy of the game, but I've never even watched a NASCAR race before! Jeff recommends I go with the "normal" driving style, and who am I to argue with Jeff Gordon?

0:03 "Nice choice! I use that driving style from time to time myself." I bet you say that to all the drivers. Really, I do. The delivery is kind of stilted. Gordon should stick to racing and leave the reading from a script to the professionals.

0:04 Gordon's gonna let me take the #24 car for a test spin! Aw, now I feel bad for making fun of his voice acting.

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