Sunday, October 14, 2007

Metapost: "...but now I'm back to let you know I can really shake 'em down"

(Ten brownie points* to the first reader to identify the lyric in the headline)

Update: Since a couple of people have asked me already, the two white CDs are Flight Simulator X and Zoo Tycoon 2 for the PC (or perhaps expansions of the same... too lazy to check right now)

Hawaii was nice and all, but now it's time to say aloha to the beach and aloha to the games. Above is a sampling of the games that greeted me from the mailbox when I returned from my honeymoon. It's also, coincidentally, a sneak peek at some of the games you'll be seeing reviewed here in the coming weeks (plus my Xbox 360 is on the mend, so look forward to more reviews for Microsoft's console).

Many thanks to the guestbloggers who kept things going over the break and many more thanks to the readers and commenters that pretended to be engaged by their clearly inferior scribblings. Your sacrifice has been noted.

* - Brownie points can not be exchanged for actual brownies. And no points if you had to use Google, you cheater.


MadMup said...

The lyric's from "Do You Love Me?" ("now that I can daaaaaaaaaaance....") but I don't remember the group.

And now the song will be going through my head all day. Thanks.

Ben said...

do you love me, etc.

Doctor Setebos said...

"Do you love me?" by the Tremelos. Who needs Google for that? :D

Saften said...

The Blues Brother version kicks bootay. Helluva good song.

Sam said...

Ouch, you bought Barrel Blast? That must hurt. Have you read the reviews for it yet? They're awful.

Kyle said...

I said I got these in the mail, not that I bought them. In fact, I didn't spend a dime on any of them.

-Kyle O.