Friday, September 28, 2007

Metapost: Bring in the guestbloggers

Hola, Games For Lunch readers,

Tomorrow morning I leave for a two week honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii. While it pains me to leave you, rest assured that you'll still get your daily dose of one-hour reviews thanks to a bevy of guestbloggers that have generously donated their time to keep the home fires burning. They are, in alphabetical order:

Please shower them with the appropriate praise in the comments and visit their sites, multiple times if possible, to help reward them for their participation. Don't get used to this sudden bump in the quality of the site, though... I return to regular posting on Oct.15.


Saften said...

Cool to know my rutine of F5'ing this site won't be in vain in the next two weeks.
Have a nice honeymoon, Kyle, and thanks for the great reviews.

Kyle said...

Routine F5ing? You mean your not down with the RSS?

Saften said...

Fancy thingamajic there, and mighty helpful too.
Spank you very much:)

Alejandro Moreno said...

Saften, I found this video on RSS pretty helpful.

Anonymous said...

Just got back from my own 2 weeks in Hawaii as well. I hope you went the same route as us and avoid Oahu in favor of beautiful Kauai. That place is truly beautiful.