Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Metapost: RSS feeds fixed and e-mail subscriptions added

So a big thank you to everyone who let me know that my RSS feed seems to be broken. Long story short, Pheedo, my feed provider up until recently, sucks, and has provided no help in fixing the problem. I've moved the feed over to the excellent FeedBurner, which offers a great and hopefully more stable feed tracking service. So, for all you RSS cats, please redirect your feed-reader over to:


As an added bonus, we're now offering Games For Lunch updates through e-mail. Just use the form on the right sidebar to sign up and you'll get my quick reviews every day right in your inbox. Look for it right between the Nigerian lottery prize note and the breast enlargement offer.

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Jeff Prellwitz said...

Hi Kyle, We're sorry your first experience with Pheedo was not what it should have been. We are in the process of working through some new technical issues that recently arose with Blogspot feeds. I will contact you directly to provide further explanation of the issue and how we can resolve it. It does not involve having your readers redirect their feed readers to a new URL.


Jeff Prellwitz
Director, Publisher Relations