Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Developer: Gaijin Games
Publisher: Aksys Games
Release Date: Nov. 23, 2009
System: Wii
ESRB Rating: E
Official Web site

In a nutshell: "Or play the game, existence, to the end ... of the beginning."

0:00 I loved the first two Bit.Trip games, even though I couldn't even come close to beating either one. Despite my well-developed rhythm-game skills, these punishing games pushed me past my limit. But I loved every second of their trippy gameplay. I somehow missed Void's release during the hectic holiday season, but it's never too late to dive on in.

0:01 Even though the game is on an SD card, I still need 286 blocks of memory on the Wii itself to play. So off to memory management we go.

0:03 So long, Wii Fit Plus Channel. Your constant reminders that it's been "more than a week" since my last check will not be missed. I still need 71 more blocks...

0:04 I don't Check Miis Out enough, and that will continue to be true now that the Check Mii Out Channel is gone.

0:05 And we're off. "The Nunchuk or Classic controller is required," I'm told, which surprises me, since the previous games just used the Remote like an NES controller.

0:06 The menu screen puts me in control of a large, pixilated black dot (the titular Void?) which I can move to select from three game modes: Id, Ego and Super-Ego. Id is the only one available, so let's go!

0:07 Commander Video stands in a red circle and does a little dance. The red circle grows bigger as two more Commander Videos watch from their own blue circles. They're getting shorter and stouter as the dance continues, then they fly off the screen. What the hell was that?



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