Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom

Developer: Blueside
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date: Jan. 8, 2008
Systems: Xbox 360
ESRB Rating: M
Official Web Site

In a nutshell: Final Fight + Final Fantasy

0:01 An incredibly basic title screen features a ring of fire on a black background in front of the title. Lord of the Rings much?

The "Blood" setting is set to "off" as a default. Isn't this game is rated M? What are they doing? Bring on the GORE!

I have my choice of a few characters with a good variety of speeds/styles/strengths. I choose the slow melee-attacking guy who's built like a tank because standing around and beating things sounds like fun.

Even though the press materials explicitly suggest playing with more than one person, I start a single-player game.

A horned, hooded guy is kneeling. He looks up at a bigger, horned guy. Suddenly the bigger guy lifts the smaller guy by the throat. Now the small guy is... alone in a field of flowers. "Hmm, it's been quite a while since I last had a dream." Then more loading. Weird, but intriguing.

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