Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Motorstorm: Arctic Edge

Developer: Virtuos
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Release Date: Oct. 20, 2009
Systems: PS2 (reviewed), PSP
ESRB Rating: T

In a nutshell: Did we really settle for this kind of blocky, easy racing game 15 years ago?

0:00 The summer of "playing games I was sent months ago and have been putting off trying out" continues today with the PS2 version of the PSP sequel to one of my favorite PS3 racers, played on a PS3 emulating a PS2. Confused yet?

0:01 An extravagant CG cut scene shows a secret tanker hidden by icebergs, with cargo helicopters unloading large shipping containers. "at the edge of the arctic circle... a new challenge ... a passion to combat the extreme drives them onwards in this land of raw glacial power. Only the greatest warriors will reach their peak. A mountain awakens, the stage is set." We follow the helicopters to a brightly lit racetrack being built in the middle of the snowy wilderness. "Welcome to Motorstorm." Quick cuts of cars, trucks, ATVs, bikes, dune buggies and snowmobiles racing around in the dirt and snow. Wow, did PS2 games always look this blocky? This reminds me more of the original PlayStation. Trust me, it doesn't lok as good as those bullshots seem to indicate.

0:03 On the name entry screen, the triangle button is used for "delete" instead of the standard square button. BAD START!

0:04 I can choose from seven nameless drivers, differentiated mainly by their differently colored helmets and flannel. I pick a black and white motif that seems to match with the generic thrash music.


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