Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Metapost: Games for Lunch to move to Crispy Gamer

So, after months of inconsistent updates and apology posts, I've finally been given the go-ahead to lift the veil of secrecy surrounding the next phase of the Games For Lunch project. Starting soon, Games For Lunch will be a regular feature on Crispy Gamer.

What is Crispy Gamer? It's the highly anticipated gaming site being set up by former Gamespy EIC John Keefer and a cast of dozens of well-respected game freelancers, yours-truly included. We're setting out to create a no-nonsense, BS free source for news, reviews, previews, and features, including one daily feature that will review a game based on just the first hour of play. I'll also be writing standard, long-form reviews for the site, and yes, those will require more than an hour of playtime.

What will this mean for Games For Lunch? Well, most importantly to the reader, it will means no more skipped days. Now that I'll be earning a decent wage of my GFL work, I can justify prioritizing daily updates over other paying work, even during the busy times. I've spent the past few months saving up a good-sized buffer of posts in anticipation of the move (hence the lack of updates here), meaning your weekdaily dose of hour-long game reviews should continue unabated even if things like dentist appointments, vacations, or sleeping occasionally get in the way.

Other than that, not much will change. The timestamped, stream-of-consciousness format you know (and love?) will stay the same, as will the eclectic mix of classic and recent games reviewed. You will have to change your bookmarks -- I'll put up a big redirection link once the site is launched and the move is finalized (hopefully by the end of the month) -- and you may need to change your RSS feed (details will also be posted here).

I'd like to thank all you readers for bearing with the site as it makes this transition and hope you'll continue to enjoy it at its new home.