Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Metapost: Just when I think I'm out...

Oh, it's you. Hi there. How's it going. What? Oh, you thought I was serious with that last metapost where I said goodbye to Games for Lunch after 500 posts? Oh, you're so gullible. Don't you know not to take what I write so seriously? Jeez, lighten UP!

OK, seriously, I did think Games for Lunch was done for good when I wrote that last post. But life has a funny way of changing things up on you. In this case, the change up came in the form of an opportunity to write Games for Lunch over at new site Gameroni.

Games for Lunch will be running there in much the same format it always did, with one small change -- the schedule is now set for Monday, Wednesday and Friday, rather than every weekday (I'll change the header image soon). While this might seem like a large scale back in the quantity of GfL posts, regular readers will know I've never really been able to keep up the five-days-a-week schedule consistently. In fact, in 2008 and 2009 I averaged roughly three GfL posts a week, so this should be the perfect schedule (for me, at least).

Enough mindless chatter... as Radiation Dude would say, up and let's go!


Anonymous said...

Great to hear. Welcome back.

Anonymous said...

Yay, I'm glad you're back.

Since you're at a new venue now, Do you mind on suggestion on your format? I'd personally prefer that the "Bottom Line" part of the review didn't appear at the top. I enjoy reading about how your hour unfolds and the "Bottom line" at the top almost feels like a spoiler. I try not to read it.

Kyle said...

Hey vrandy.

I try to make the "In a nutshell" up top a cute, sometimes punny description of the game, rather than a final verdict on my hour with it, which can be found at the bottom. I'll try to make it less spoiler-y in the future =)