Monday, August 6, 2007

Taito Legends Power-Up

Developer: Taito
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Release Date: May 17, 2007
System: PSP
ESRB Rating: E
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In a nutshell: Some classic and not-so-classic Taito arcade games.

0:01 There are 21 games in this collection, which means each one only has three minutes to wow me.
0:03 Three minutes is enough to beat the first level of Space Invaders. The game really doesn't stand the test of time, especially the grating sound effects. I like being able to turn the PSP on its side and play in landscape mode, though.
0:06 Space Invaders 2 feels a lot like Space Invaders with some colors and cut scenes. Padding the list, much?
0:09 Imagine Pac-Man with one really fast, really stupid ghost and incredibly slow turns. That's Space Chaser. I'll pass.
0:12 Crazy Balloon is hard to categorize. You guide a dancing balloon through a minefield. It takes some getting used to, but I think I like it.
0:15 Balloon Bomber - Space Invaders, but even less exciting. I mean, bomb-dropping balloons? Snore!
0:18 Lunar Rescue - Interesting mix of didging and shooting. I love the little "AAA..." sound effect that pops up when you drop a human. Has some potential.
0:20 Phoenix - Tatio's answer to Galaxian has bad hit detection and horrible sounds effects. Pass.
0:24 Qix - An original classic I've played many times before. Carve out a section of the screen with a line-cutting tool. Fun!
0:27 I love the concept of Space Dungeon. Adventure-style crawl meets space shooter action. I'll have to play some more later.
0:29 I can think of no reason to play Alpine Ski in a world in which Ski Free exists.
0:31 Elevator Action - Anotehr classic with great controls, neat sound effects and an interesting platform-meets-shooter premise. More please.
0:34 Chack 'n' Pop. Weird, occasionally upside-down physics take some getting used to. Meh.
0:37 The Legend of Kage - Impressive graphics for the time that hold up even now. Fun controls make you feel like an unstoppable ninja... until you're stopped, that is.
0:39 The Faiyland Story - They can't give us Bubble Bobble, so they give us this weird warmed over remake with a which who turns enemies into falling chocolate cakes. Meh.
0:42 Return of the Invaders - Space Invaders with nicer graphics, faster gameplay and enemies that do more than just move mindlessly back and forth. So, Space Invaders, but good. A lot like Galaga.
0:46 Ki Ki Kai Kai - Despite the random Japanese folklore characters and derivative top down shooting format, there's something endearing about this.
0:48 The Rastan Saga - Derivative, homoerotic sword-slashing action. Meh.
0:52 Kuri Kinton - Manga-inspired graphics and some interesting controls make this Kung Fu clone interesting.
0:55 The New Zealand Story - Another pale imitation of Bubble Bobble, this time featuring a yellow kiwi bird who shoots arrows on sprawling stage. Cute, with some inventive level design.
0:58 Raimais - Like a retro-futuristic Pac-Man where you never stop moving. Or: Space Chaser, but good.
1:01 Cameltry - Weird name, totally orignal world-rotating, ball dropping concept. I love it!

Would I play this game for more than an hour? Yes
Why? Crazy Balloon, Lunar Rescue, Qix, Elevator Action and especially Cameltry.

This review based on a retail copy rented from GameFly.

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Nounet said...

Testing 21 games in one hour probably is a record! Kudos!