Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Madden NFL 06

Developer: EA Sports
Publisher: EA
Release Date: Nov. 16, 2005
Systems: Xbox 360 (reviewed) every other system known to man
ESRB Rating: E
Official Web Site

In a nutshell: That new game minus two years.

0:01 Great, fictional intro. featuring Donovan McNabb getting within one play of winning Super Bowl 40. The graphics look a lot better than the last Madden I owned back in 1992.
0:03 Choose "play now" and I'm on the D.C. side of a Redskins/Cowboys match in less than a minute. No tutorial though... and the controls screen fades away pretty quickly.
0:05 Kickoff is simple one button affair, and on-screen instructions explain what to do. Nice.
0:07 I have no idea who I'm controlling on defense. Makes it hard to, um, defend. Still, just asking Madden to suggest a play seems to be working OK.
0:08 Now I've got it figured out. I actually make a tackle! Whoo!
0:10 Most plays on defense I end up just picking what Madden says and watching the computer does things. This is... exciting?
0:12 On offense now. Some very impressive gang tackle animation. I trip over three players trying to run up the middle for three yards.
0:13 Whoo! Get a pass off for 29 yards! It was as simple as hitting a button and watching.
0:15 Wow the ref is ugly. But I'll take the encroachment call he gives me regardless of looks.
0:17 After a failed pass, an easy dive in for the touchdown. Does Dallas' run defense suck or does the computer AI? Hard to say.
0:19 I take control of a defender only to see him dive and totally miss the ball carrier. Funny stuff.
0:21 After a big first down, I stop them on three straight pass plays. What's more, I actually feel like I did something by swatting the ball away with my character! Go Kyle!
0:25 My offense is marching up the field with no problem, until a holding call. Come on. I didn't do that. Stupid computer-controlled teammates...
0:27 The penalty kills my momentum... I can't get in for the touchdown. What happened?
0:28 Compared to other sports games, the commentary seems kind of light. Where's the constant chatter of the big-name commentators?
0:30 Dallas lets the clock run down on the first half rather than using their two time outs and good field position. Weak.
0:32 My running game is unstoppable. Until it gets stopped, that is.
0:34 Don't try a fake punt in MY HOUSE. I will CRUSH YOU! And I do.
0:36 Uh oh. An almost-interception and then a fumbled turnover. The tables have turned.
0:37 Madden keeps recommending blitzes. Dallas keeps beating them with runs. Maybe Madden isn't as smart as I thought.
0:42 Oh boy. I start at the four yard line after a disastrous return and go three and out. It's only 10-6. They could win it now!
0:43 Nope, my defense stops 'em again, no thanks to me. Go computer-controlled defense!
0:45 I make an extremely ill-advised 4th and 4 attempt and mess up. It keeps things interesting at least.
0:46 It doesn't matter, my defense stops them in three downs anyway. Yawn.
0:48 Most of this minute spent running down the clock.
0:49 Another third down conversion locks up the game.
0:50 I unlocked three achievements? For what? Apparently, for complete an offline game, getting a first down and scoring a touchdown. That was easy.
0:53 Playing around in the options. I like how you can set offsides and other penalty frequency for other players. I'll have to try that.

Would I play this game for more than an hour? Probably not.
Why? I might break it out if a friend is over, but playing the computer is less exciting than watching football.

This review based on a used retail version picked up ridiculously cheap.

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This game is fairly old. Why did you decide to review it now?